“Spiritual Encounters 4”


“Heaven Bound”

An old friend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in over thirty years, contacted me through a third-party to say, that his mom had passed on. She and I had our differences, mostly because I was young, and she was a character. Even though she endured lifelong heartbreak, I always admired her confidence, and zeal for life.

Our mother’s had this in common, they shared the same name, and birth date. This amazed us, plus the fact that our mom’s had only met once thirty years ago, at my mom’s wedding. I received another call from him days later, wanting to reminisce about her. We talked for a while, and then said our good-byes.

I was at work a few days later, when out of nowhere two powerful spirits surrounded me. It didn’t scare me, because I’m use to my parents visiting. The surprise was that It was both of our moms. They were celebrating, because his mom had made it to be with the Lord also.

She wanted me to tell him that she was OK. They both had strong personalities so it was overwhelming for me all at once. I was so excited that I immediately called him, and said our mom’s are together, she’s in heaven, your mom made it.

He went silent, because he wasn’t the type of person who believed in that kind of stuff, but nor was I until it started happening to me. The next thing that I said to him was that he needed to play their birthday in the lottery, but he responded with no you should play it.

Our mothers birth date fell in the lottery a couple of days later. I called to tell him, and he was shocked, and I forgot to play it. Weeks later his moms death date fell in the lottery also.

“The Cemetery”

In this second story, which happened five years ago I was determined to get to the cemetery to visit my mom. I had planned this weeks ahead of time, because her birthday was close, but my car collapsed just before my planned trip. It didn’t matter, because only God could have stopped me from going.

I packed up my little folding chair, my bible, and some items to clean off her headstone. I caught two buses, then walked a mile from the bus stop, to the back of the cemetery. Did I mention that it was bitterly cold outside.

Halfway through the cemetery I said oh no, because I could see that those pesky geese were everywhere. It appeared to be hundreds of them, covering the entire section of the cemetery where my mom lay.

I became really angry, and repeatedly tried to chase them away, but instead I was the one being chased away. After a few moments of this I was cold, and frustrated. I have no explanation of why I did this.

But I looked up to the sky, while saying out loud mom you know that I caught two buses here, and walked a mile just to come visit you. It’s cold, and you know that I can’t stay if these geese won’t go away. I said, if you want me to stay make them go away.

I stood in shock moments later, as they dispersed to another area of the cemetery, every single one of them strutted away. Just for a moment I thought that It was a dream, but It wasn’t.

There I stood alone in the middle of the cemetery laughing hysterically, wondering what my mom said, or what God did to get those geese to move so quickly.

I was unaware if anyone else was around. I’m sure that if they were, they probably thought that I was a tad bit off-balance, to be standing alone in a cemetery laughing near all of those grave sites.


“When God disciplined me”


“Faith in Man”

Looking back over this past summer I had no doubt, about what was happening to me. The hedge that God had placed around me had been removed, because of my disobedience. My faith had wavered, and doubt set in. Instead of continuing to believe God for my needs, I replaced him with man.

A friend of mine actually went above, and beyond to help me financially. But the more I asked, and the more they offered, it only caused my problems to increase financially: and otherwise. Unexpected bill’s, and expenses came from out of nowhere.

It got so bad at times that I thought someone else had slipped their bills in for me to pay. I realized that I had gotten puffed up, prideful, and had slipped back into my old ways. No one can deflate you better than the Lord.

But I do know that God will take everything back that he gave you because of disobedience. My blessings, financial security, and peace of mind were gone.(Proverbs 3:5) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding.

“The Boils”

During that time I broke out with clusters of boils, I was horrfied. It was so painful I could hardly sit down. My Doctor implied that it was normal, but I knew better, because It lasted too long.

One or two boils every several years is normal for anyone, but not clusters. Only when I had suffered enough, did I cry out to the Lord, and it started to dissolve one by one. (Psalm 120:1) I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer.

“Churh and Tithing”

During that same time I had stopped paying my tithes, and stopped attending church. The reason being, is that I felt as if I wasn’t growing. The one and only interaction that I had with the first lady left me feeling disappointed, because she never responded.

My car continued to break down during this time, and no amount of loans, or repairs worked. I cried out to God, OK, OK, I’m going back to church on Sunday, which was the following day.

That morning I got ready to return to that same Church, not knowing whether the car would start or not. The car fired right up, and all I could do was laugh, and thank God.

I drove to church that morning, and the car continued to run without a problem, as long as I attended church on Sunday’s: and continued to spend time with God.

“Gods Protection”

God is always with us, when he approved of my actions, no one could touch me. He kept evil, and my enemies at bay. I enjoyed this security as he fought my battles. But during his dissatisfaction with me, every hate filled person presented themselves. I caught even it from people that I was nice to.

“After a Fall”

God loves us, and he’s waiting for us to get to know him on a more intimate level. Do you know God. We all make mistakes, for we know that there is only one who is perfect Jesus Christ. But If we pick ourselves up after a fall, and start over the Lord is just to forgive. (Romans 3:23) For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

“Thank you”

I would like to thank a few people that have stuck with me through my journey, and inspired me to continue writing. To my brother Julian, thank you for believing, I love you. To Butterfly, Cheryl, Janet, Tonya: and Karen thank you ladies. You inspire, and encourage me. Your continued support, feedback, text messages and calls lets me know that I have people cheering me on, God bless you all.


Have you noticed the small blessings?


I want to share with you a few short stories, out of the many small blessings that I have received from God. If I weren’t a believer it might have gone unnoticed, especially if I believed in dumb luck. I think that were so excited to get any type of reprieve from our trials, that we hardly ever notice the small blessings that God provides.

“Back on the bus”

When my car broke down again, I was back to taking cabs, and riding the bus. Just when I was getting frustrated, a lady that I knew started driving me home from work. She was so gracious about it, as she said I’ll drive you home for as long as you need me to. She also surprised me with a gift card not long after, can you imagine my shock.

“Chili dogs”

I was running late for work, so I decided to make chili dogs for my lunch. I had excess frozen chili, buns, and hot dogs so why not. Bad choice, because that hot dog-brand was awful, I could only tolerate eating one. I was hungry, and frustrated, not to mention that I had several hours left, before the end of my shift.

So I collapsed into the chair saying out loud, now what am I going to eat. Seconds later a co-worker called, and said I’m going to get takeout my treat, what do you want. We laughed hysterically, when I told her about the events prior to her calling, she had no idea about the hot dogs.


I was broke, and discouraged around this time, but I still had to head off to work later that day. While at work a customer whom I didn’t recognize said that God put it on his heart to tip me. It caught me off guard.

He wasn’t flirting so I believed what he said about God, but I told him no thank you. He insisted that I take it. He said that he wasn’t going to miss his blessings, because I turned down the offer. I never saw him again after that, and a couple of days later another customer tipped me. God will give just you enough small blessings to keep you afloat, when he’s displeased with you.

The third unexpected tip was when I said Bienvenido, “COMO ESTA USTED?” to a customer which means welcome, how are you. He laughed, and responded with Estoy Bien gracias which means I am fine, thank you.

I quickly told him please do not go any further, because I knew few sentences, but lots of words. I had been teaching myself Spanish at home, and it’s still a work in progress. He said I like that, and he tipped me.

“Out of Perfume”

This final story occurred while I got dressed for work. I found myself staring at the corners of several empty perfume bottles. So I said out loud, oh no I’m out of perfume. If you know me, then you would know that I love perfume. I turned the bottles in every direction I could, to spray what was left.

With no time to spare I headed off to work, and a couple of hours later, one of the customers walked in with a pretty bag from one of the well-known perfume/ lingerie stores. When I saw the bag I knew that it was for me, I don’t know how I knew, but I just knew.

She said hello Patricia I have something for you, as she handed me the bag. Inside was a bottle of perfume, and a bottle of perfumed lotion. We laughed, as I told her about what happened earlier in the day with my empty bottles.  I had never received anything from her prior to this.

I can’t tell you whats going on in your life with God, because only you, and God knows. I can only share with you whats happening in mine, and if it leads even one person to believe God for what they need, I’ll be happy. When I’m faithful, he is faithful, and when I’m not he removes his hedge from around me: keep believing, keep praying for healing, and miracles, God bless.

“When God demanded my attention”

Photo by Nitin Arya on Pexels.com

One day I decided to get serious about knowing God, I started reading my bible, and talking to him late into the night. This pleased him, and in return I received joy, and blessings.

That is until adversity showed up, immediately I began to feel as if God didn’t care, so I put my bible away. In the mean time my stress level, bills, and to-do list grew. It had been a while since I had picked up my bible.

“The First Calling”

One night I arrived home from work, and being extremely tired I went straight to bed. Just before 6 am that morning I was awakened out of a deep sleep. Something kept urging me to get up, get up, and read my bible. I realized who it was, so I followed his directions.

I felt like the walking dead as I grabbed my bible, my laptop, and headed towards the living room. I had to make a pot of coffee just to stay awake. I talked to him in between reading my bible, and writing for two hours, before I went back to bed. That morning more blessings came then you’ll ever know.

“The Second Calling”

Thirty days after the first incident, I started slacking again. On this night when I got off work I went straight to bed, I was beyond exhausted. I was awakened out of another deep sleep just before 6 am by him urging me to get up, and read my bible.

I awakened to my own voice repeating out loud, I need to read my bible. I couldn’t wake up so I went back to sleep. Hours later I was somewhere in between half awake, and half asleep when he shouted a bible verse at me.

The voice was so loud, and sounded angry, I jumped right out of the bed being almost frightened to death. I stood on the side of the bed staring out of the window towards the sky repeating (John chapter 10) over, and over.

It was the same bible chapter that was shouted at me minutes earlier. After a few minutes, of being dazed I wrote the scripture down so that I wouldn’t forget it. I always kept a pen, and paper on my nightstand just in case an idea came during the night.

But I just couldn’t get up this time, I was dead tired, so I went back to sleep. God knows that any part of (John) is near, and dear to me, he just wanted me to read it.

It was a test to see if I would remain faithful, and I passed the first one, but failed the second. Although he is still working miracles in my life. The bottom line is he wants us to spend time with him.

The night of the howling dog

black and beige short coat dog head photo
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This story happened many years ago, right after a short stint of me moving back in with my mother, after another failed relationship. At that time I had learned that one of my siblings was going down the wrong path, such as I had done previously, but we both eventually changed our lives.

On this night my mom, and I were at the house alone. I remember feeling so uneasy that entire evening, so much that I kept running downstairs to my moms bedroom. Where she sat with the television on, figuring out her lottery numbers for the next morning.

I kept saying something is wrong mom, she responded with I know, I have that same feeling. We kept looking out the window, because it was a full moon, with a smokey effect, you know like in one of those old werewolf movies.

God has a way of warning us of danger, if only we would only pay attention. The unsettling  part was that this dog started howling, and this went on and on for hours. We didn’t know if it was someones pet, or a stray.

My mom immediately said oh Lord, the old timers use to say that when dogs start howling, someone is going to die. We had a discussion about the whereabouts of one of my siblings. She tried to reach them, but got no answer.

I called another one of my siblings, and they couldn’t reach them either. My mom immediately started praying, and calling out to Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) – Pray without ceasing.

Oh the powers of a praying mother, we found out a couple of hours later that my sibling was in fact in danger. My sibling, and one of our acquaintances were the apparent victims of a botched home invasion.

The killers had broken into the wrong duplex. By the time they realized it, my sibling heard all of the commotion, and yelled out to our acquaintance. My sibling was able to escape unharmed, but unfortunately our acquaintance wasn’t so lucky, he was shot and killed trying to escape.

My prayers still go out to his family, because I never forgot him. But by the grace of God, and my mom’s continuous prayers that night, my siblings life had been spared.

Mind you that this was all occurring at the exact time of the howling dog. When it was all over, and we received that phone call from my sibling we were relieved. My sibling was a little shaken, but alright, but we were saddened by the loss of our acquaintance.

The howling dog immediately went silent, because the danger had passed for our family. God heard my mom’s prayers that night, prayer changes things.

(Psalm 121:7) The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve that thy soul. For privacy reasons I have omitted the gender of my sibling, as that time was a growing up period for them. Thank you all for reading.

Is your purpose hiding in plain sight ?


As a child I remembered my mom having this giant Remington typewriter that I totally adored. As children we knew better than to touch it, but from time to time I would sneak, and play with it anyways.

She held on to that typewriter for dear life. It probably reminded her of the good old days before my dad, and the eight of us came along only to dash her hopes, and dreams forever.

I learned early on that she had been a legal secretary in her early years. But the older I became, I continued to be fascinated with typewriters. This baffled me, because I hated anything related to typing.

In my early twenties, I came across this old Remington Rand typewriter that I fell in love with, so I purchased it. I stored it in my mom’s basement, for it never to be seen again.

Thirty years later, but eleven years after my mom had passed, I asked my brother if he knew the whereabouts of her typewriter. This was an obvious question, because writing  became my passion, and my purpose.

He said that he had kept it, because he knew how much she loved it. He asked me if I wanted it, and I said yes immediately. He then said, you do know that I have another typewriter that belongs to her. I got really excited, but suspicious also, because she never owned another typewriter.

I went to pick up the typewriters, and my mom’s was in terrible shape. None the less I was happy to have it, but restoration is calling. The little black one I recognized immediately, as I yelled out that’s my typewriter. It was in the exact condition that I had left it in thirty years earlier.

The second thing that I was fond of my entire life was books, whether old or new, I surrounded myself with them. Hoping some day that I would have the chance to read more, even when I had to move or downsize, I would always replenish my books.

But I’ll always remember that night from several years ago as if it were yesterday. I stood again at a job that I totally despised, which caused me to literally cry out to God in the middle of my shift.

It took only a few minutes of this, before he answered me, and revealed my purpose (writing). All praise to God, it was in his timing. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust in the lord with all thine heart; and lean not onto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Can you imagine the peace that I feel, knowing what I was created for. After wandering for thirty years, It all made sense. So I ask you again, is your purpose hiding in plain sight ?

God healed me from cancer

Pat Horn

At the end of December 2014 I had feelings of hope. I was turning fifty, and making plans for the future. But as they say God was truly laughing while I was planning. Just days before turning fifty, and 8 days before Christmas I had frequent bouts of nausea, vomiting, along with dizziness.

Saying that I was scared was an understatement. The day after Christmas that inner voice told me to do a self breast exam, and that’s when I found the lump. I spent the entire night crying, because I had stopped getting my yearly mammograms after my mom died.

I felt bad for my first primary care doctor, because she was very kind and visibly shaken as she held my hand. I said it’s cancer isn’t it, and she said yes, I started crying again and asked her if I was going to die. She said you’ll be fine and I’m very sorry that this happened to you, because you are such a nice lady.

I knew instantly that God was punishing me for not changing my lifestyle. The next day when I was finally alone, I found myself in the corner of the room distraught, and crying uncontrollably. I cried out to God and asked why me out of all of the rotten people in the world, why me I said over and over.

I said I’m not a bad person, I have never tried to hurt anyone purposely. Within seconds I felt God’s presence hovering over me, but it seemed as if we were face to face. He said in a surprised, but comforting voice why not you, as I continued pleading with him saying no not me as I cried. He then repeated again why not you.

With my eyes still closed I repeatedly said ok as I asked God was I going to be ok, and he said yes. I repeatedly said ok, and that’s when a spirit of peace came over my entire body, and I knew that I would be fine.

I immediately accepted it and stopped crying as I opened my eyes. (Jeremiah 30:17) “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds; declares the Lord. That’s when I suddenly realized what had just happened here.

I freaked out and jumped into my bed, and just looked around as if he was going to appear. I covered my mouth with my hands as I repeated over and over God spoke to me, God spoke to me.

(Psalm 34:18) The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Afterwards I got up and put my favorite music on, as I danced and sang along with the music, and had a party of one, while doing chores.

I went to work a few hours later with joy in my heart even though I had received a cancer diagnosis the previous day. I was ready for whatever came my way, until it actually came my way in the form of a bald head, three surgeries, six months of chemo, and five weeks of radiation.

When things got rough, and I wanted to give up, I remembered God’s promise, and remembering it gave me peace. (John 14:27) Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Read all about the things that God has said to me, and all about the miracles that he performed for me in my up and coming book titled “What he told me.”