Spiritual Encounters 3


One thing is for certain, there’s a place called heaven waiting for those who believe in Jesus Christ. It’s where my parents, my aunt, and an old friends mom call home. They made it, they’re with the lord, I know this because they all visited me after passing on. Before, and during my journey with the Lord I had many unusual occurrences in my life with all of these loved ones. I want to share with you two more true heartwarming stories about my mom letting her presence be known to me, and my brother.

I kept my mom’s, and dads obituary on the wall at the foot of my bed. So I could see it when I wake up every morning, sort of like a comfort thing. It was the middle of the night, and I got up for a potty break. I scaled the wall in the dark as my guide when I inadvertently knocked my mom’s obituary off the wall. I saw that it was hers in the dark, and said sorry mom.

I was so tired, and sleepy that I just left her obituary on the floor, and jumped right back into bed. I said I’ll pick it up in the morning. I should have just picked it up right then, because I know my mom. She wasn’t to happy about me leaving it on the floor all night. And wouldn’t you know it, the next morning her death date had fallen in the lottery. All I could do was laugh, because she was letting me know that it was unacceptable to leave her obituary on the floor all night.

On this next occasion, I had felt my mom’s presence around me for a couple of days. I had already alerted my friend to her presence. Mind you that I still have many of her old lottery tickets, that I kept after her death. One of her numbers had fallen that second morning, before I went out to run some errands.

While in the store one of my brothers called to say that he had dreamt, about our mom the previous night, and it involved him, and my step-dad. I laughed, and said I already know, because she’s been around me for a couple of days now. I told my friend about the call from my brother, and he just laughed, because I had told him the previous day that I felt my mom’s presence around me. The next morning my moms death date had fallen in the midday lottery, go figure.


“Under his protection 2”


Intuition; the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Synonyms: instinct, sense, hunch, or gut feeling. During the time that my car was down, I spoke of how I enjoyed speaking with people about my testimonies, while I caught the bus to work. I had spoken with a couple of people, about not becoming the victim of a robbery during the Holidays. Not realizing that the danger was lurking around me. ( 2 Thessalonians 3:3 ) But the lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one.

My day started out peaceful I got up early, and read a few scriptures, and off to work I went. I spoke to a handful of people on the bus about God. Being caught up in the conversation I didn’t realize that I had rung the bell, and exited the bus one stop too soon. When I stepped off of the bus I noticed two young guys immersed in deep conversation, or the planning stages. I know trouble when I see it, I felt it in my gut. One of them stared at me as if I was the rent payment, which made me uncomfortable. He then said something to the other guy who was leaning against the car with his back to me, and he turned around to stare at me to. They continued to stare at me as I walked by, until I was out of sight. I on the other hand was memorizing the plate number. I felt relief as I got closer to work, and the danger had passed, God is awesome.

The very next day I started my routine again, and headed to work. And just like clockwork the 8 mile bus which is either late or a no-show did not show up again. This caused me to have to walk a half a mile to get to work or be late. As I passed the third block I noticed two guys sitting in an SUV at the corner near me. They were staring, and acting strange as I went by. Again I had an uneasy feeling so I started walking faster. When I turned to look back, the guy in the passenger seat had gotten out of the truck, and started walking behind me. He was walking pretty swiftly.

When I approached the next block, out of nowhere appeared one of the customers from my job. He walked right up, and began asking me a million questions, like where’s your car. I looked back to see where that guy was, and noticed that he had slowed down his pace of walking. He then turned and disappeared into the alley behind the store. After this second incident I realized that the common denominator was my tote bag. It contains lots of Tupperware for my lunch, my bible, makeup and miscellaneous items, It’s time to downsize. God is good I’m no longer riding the bus, and he protects all who believe. (Psalm 138:7) Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

“Under his protection”


(Isaiah 54:17) No weapon formed against me shall prosper. This morning I climbed out of bed feeling hopeful. I read some scriptures, then headed off to work a few hours later. For some reason I felt the need to say no weapon formed against me shall prosper, I plead the blood of Jesus, and in the name of the father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. I said all of this as I walked through the front door of my Job. This surprised me, because I have never said all three at one time before.

I settled in at work, and after a few customers, another one walked in. I took one look at him, and said here comes trouble. He was young, arrogant, and acting suspicious. After he made his purchase he returned requesting my help outside, in which I would have had to leave the office to assist him. Instead I explained to him what to do to solve the problem, and he left. Hours later he came back irritated stating that he still needed my help outside. I was the only person working, and against better judgement I said, I’ll be out in a minute.

I stopped a female customer, and asked her to watch me, while I go help him. She stood at a distance watching me. I had my friend on the phone also, while this was happening. I thought nothing of the two guys pulling into the parking lot one trailing the other in separate cars, that is until I got closer. I walked slowly towards the customer that needed my help, and saw that the two guys had pulled in near him. I noticed that they were wearing masks on their faces, black baseball caps, and all black clothing.

They put their heads down, and tried to cover their faces with their arms when they realized that their cover was blown. I turned, and immediately yelled over to the lady that was my lookout, to go back, it’s a setup, they’re trying to rob me. (John 10:10) The theif cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I hurried back to the office, and the two guys left quickly, so did the I need help outside customer. He never came back to the office asking for help that entire night. The next day he showed up at my Job, while the police were there running someones plates.

I told him that he was no longer welcome on the property, as he repeatedly yelled why. I said you know why, the two masked guys that were near you. At the exact time that you were trying to get me to come outside. He kept saying what does that have to do with me. He refused to leave so I looked over at the police who were still in the parking lot. He yelled out I don’t care about no police, call them over so I can find out why you won’t service me so I did. The police told him that if they don’t want you on the property you have to leave. They said if we have to come back out here tonight, that he was going to jail. So he along with his girlfriend jumped back into the car with the person who drove them here and left. We know that God is our saving grace.

Spiritual Encounters 2

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Mattie brown was one of my favorite Aunts, I always remembered that feeling of love from her as I matured into a young adult. Which prompted me to visit her from time to time. Then of course life happened, and I stopped visiting. Being young we tend to think that the world revolves around us. Not realizing that our older relatives are getting up in age, and won’t be around forever.

But oh, the knowledge that we would gain if we would just sit, and talk with them every now and again. The only request that my Aunt ever made of me was to come and visit her. As the years passed on, it seemed as if I only saw her at funerals, the last two being my parents. After my moms funeral I ran into her, and my cousins at a gas station. Why is it that we tend to never have gas when were going to a funeral ? myself included.

I remember it like it was yesterday, she called my name, we hugged as she held onto me, and repeatedly asked Pat when are you coming to see me. I said soon Auntie soon, but soon never came. More years had passed, and on this particular day I was sitting on the couch sewing my favorite shirt that had ripped.

It was so peaceful no television or radio playing, and even better it was my day off from work. When all of a sudden something passed through my body which caused me to jerk forward twice, it gave me chills. It was my Aunt Mattie’s spirit, Immediately I repeated out loud woo Auntie Mattie, woo Auntie Mattie, as I said to myself I have to go see her.

I continued on with my sewing when one of my brothers had called that I hadn’t spoken to in a while. We talked for about an hour then we said our good byes. That same brother called me back two days later, saying did anyone tell you. I said tell me what, nobody tells me anything. He said that Auntie Mattie had died two days earlier, and he thought that I knew.

As we continued to talk, I jumped up, and paced around the room in shock saying oh my God, oh my God. She was trying to tell me that she was gone, her spirit came through me. It was too late, I had missed my chance to see her. It bothered me for a long time afterwards. I spoke to her daughter which is my cousin, and told her about what happened, but she didn’t believe me.

Spiritual Encounters

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Although there have been many, I want to share with you three short heart warming stories, about visits I received from my deceased mother. After her death I roamed around looking for something to fill the void. In my roaming I ended up at one of my favorite places, a thrift store. Where I saw this blue bench that I liked so I bought it. When I got it home I flipped it over only to find at least 100 pieces of bubble gum stuck to the bottom of it. I burst into laughter, and looked towards the sky, and said you’re here mom. All of my life I would laugh, because my mother would stick bubble gum to her headboard or her nightstand when she finished chewing it. She was a very clean and tidy woman, but this was just one of her quirks.

Moments later I called all of my brothers and sisters that lived in the state, and told them that our mom is around. After I explained the circumstances surrounding the bench, and the bubble gum: I told each of them to play her death date in the lottery. The reasons varied of why they couldn’t play it, It ranged from I’m in the middle of cooking, to I don’t have any money. One of my brothers did attempt to play it, but the lottery machines were down at the store near him so he gave up. My mother’s death date fell in the midday lottery a couple of hours later.

Another visit from our mom was when my oldest sister called me, and the first words out of her mouth was I miss her. I said I know, she then said that she had a picture of her that she wanted to show me, that’s when I told her that I carry a picture of her in my wallet. I immediately went over to my sister’s house. She went to the refrigerator to get the picture, while I pulled the picture that I had out of my wallet. Imagine our surprise when we realized that we were both clinging to exact copies of the same picture of our mom. I smiled, and said mom is near. I told my sister to play our moms death date in the lottery. I went home, and my sister went to work, later that evening our moms birth date fell in the lottery, not her death date.

On another occasion I had an urge that I couldn’t shake to go to visit my moms grave site. The same sister called me out of the blue, and decided to go with me. After we arrived at the cemetary we cleared her headstone of debris. We discussed our mothers favorite bible chapters which are (Psalm 23), and (John 14 ). We then held hands as I recited the Lord’s prayer, and afterwards we went home. When I arrived home I learned that our moms favorite pet four digit number had fallen in the midday lottery, while we were at the cemetary. I called my sister, and she was shocked because we both played that number sometimes. Our mother’s favorite pastime was playing the lottery. It was just another way of her letting us know that she is still near, and she’s never left me since.

Opening the Bible

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The book of (Job) is one of my favorite stories in the bible, anyone who has read it would acknowledge that not many of us would survive a minimum of the trials that he endured. But (Job) remained faithful, and never cursed God for all that he went through. Instead he cursed the day he was born, and praised and blessed God. In return God  restored his fortunes, which lead me to the day that I told my friend lets read some scriptures together. He said that’s wonderful, So we decided to read Job. I read chapters 1 thru 3 out loud, and said that’s enough for today.

The very next day I said lets read the bible again, and again he said alright, but as soon as we grabbed our bibles something unusual happened. I grabbed my bible, and it opened right to the exact page where we had stopped reading the previous day. I have many pages in my bible that are folded over, but I had never folded any of Jobs pages nor did I have a book marker in it. I jumped up and said oh my God, look it opened right up to the exact page of (Job) where we left off at yesterday. We both laughed, and I said God approves. So he read more chapters out loud the second day, and afterward I said that’s enough for now.

On the third day, I said lets read our bible’s again, and he agreed. I said what chapter did we leave off on last time. He opened his bible up before I could get to mine, and yelled I know, because I marked it with a highlighter. I thought to myself woo you highlighted it, but that’s not telling me what chapter. He stood right in front of me, and with one flip, he opened up his bible to the exact page where we stopped at on the previous day. I said did you put a marker in it, he said no, and turned his bible towards me to show me that nothing was in it, we both laughed. I said God is near, he likes this. You tell me what are the odds of this happening two days in a row, your bible opening up to the page where you left off at. ( Matthew 18:20 ) For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

“God guided me to it”

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(Jeremiah 29:11) For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. For the past couple of months my soul wasn’t being nourished, because I allowed too much confusion into my life. I can only tell people about God, and if they are not receptive, I have to move on towards people who are ready to hear. ( John 5:44 ) says “No wonder you can’t believe! For you gladly honor each other, but you don’t care about the honor that comes from the one who alone is God.*

I allowed distractions to filter out God’s word, while I was being bombarded with things that I didn’t want to hear or see. I felt lost, something was missing, but I didn’t know what. I have never been the type to run with the crowd, nor go along to get along that’s not being your true self. I stand by my convictions, right or wrong. I awakened one morning, and read some scriptures, but afterward, I continued to have that feeling of being empty and out of sorts. I laid there in bed talking to God for a while, and unbeknownst to me he had already planned to guide me to where I belonged, and to what I was looking for.

All of a sudden I became extremely hungry, so I warmed up something to eat. I hardly ever watch television except for Bishop Jake’s, and Politics, but sometimes Beachfront bargain hunt, PBS, or the local News. But for some reason on 10/4/18 at around 12:30 pm I ended up in front of the T.V turning channels to see what was on PBS, which was nothing that interested me. So I scrolled down a few more channels and landed on one blank screen after another, that is until I hit one more channel. I ended up on a program that I had never heard of before, It was Sid Roth’s supernatural on the Word Network.

He said that his special guest would be Mary Hasz, and that they would be talking about healing and the supernatural, I listened as she recounted her testimonies that were almost carbon copies of mine. By this time I was overjoyed, jumping up and down and then sitting on the edge of my seat. This woman was so powerful owning what God had said to her, and what he had for her, I drew strength from it immediately. All of this was overwhelming for me, because I finally found someone who I could relate to. What she described brought tears to my eyes because she kept referencing verses out of (John).

If you read my testimony titled “God wanted, then demanded my attention,” then you would know that (John) is near and dear to my heart. God told her that he would heal her, God told her to write a book, God continued to speak to her throughout her journey. He told her things that he had told me. It encouraged and empowered me to move forward. This is the strange part, I said that I would start reading (John) again to see if there were any hidden messages that I had missed, since he shouted it at me that night. I read (John 1, 2, and 3 at different times, and each time the tears started flowing. The next day I started on just (John), and you guessed it the tears flowed even more, I don’t understand it, but onward and upward I go.